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Screenwriting and Perseverance

Film has always had a special place in my heart. During my childhood, I wanted to be in movies. I had this limitless amount of energy that I would use to perform in front of family members and friends. My … Continue reading

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Screenwriting The Organic Method

Creativity is not something that can be forced into a pre-set block of time, wedged somewhere between a 12 hour work day and walking the dog. It doesn’t matter what your situation is when it comes to a desire to write, unless you have creative inspiration, the time to write is irrelevant. Continue reading

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Screenwriting and Groundhog Day

Déjà vu is a sensation which usually lasts only for moments but the magical emotional connection remains, lingering and irrefutable. The moment when an idea for a story comes to you is a similar experience, almost magical. The best ideas often seem to come out of nowhere… all of a sudden you’re inspired and motivated to write and not stop until your pen runs out of ink. Continue reading

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Screenwriting from the Subconscious Mind

Screenwriting from the Subconscious Mind Continue reading

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