Query Letter

Example Query Letter to a literary Talent Agent:


5150 Emerald City Dr.
Seattle Town, USA, 00000


Aug 10, 2009


Attn. “Insert Name of Agent Here”
Name of Talent Agency
Agency Address
Hollywood, California 00000


Dear Mr. /Mrs. “Agent Name Here”:

I’m keenly aware of your success in selling comedy screenplays to Universal Pictures; perhaps you would take a look at my recently completed screenplay titled “Film Festival”.

It’s a feature comedy about individuals from a Midwest town that go to extremes in order to break into the film industry. The protagonist is the hero that leads town folks into a crazy Hollywood venture to raise money and bring his town back to a working financial sustainability.

In addition to this screenplay, I’ve written two others and I’m currently working on outlines to several additional projects I have planned. If you are interested in reading “Film Festival”, contact me at the above phone number and/or email address. I understand that the industry is demanding; therefore, I could forward a copy for you to read at your leisure.

Thanks for your time.



David L. Spies

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