A Musing short film screens at 6 film festivals in 2011!

Completed Short: “A Musing” 2011

As his panic builds, he wanders through the streets of everyday life in Seattle and discovers that the key to reviving his imagination may just rest with a local liquor mart cashier. After several unsuccessful attempts to find personal inspiration through music, art and nature, Pete is forced to take a second look at the wisdom of this quirky character.

Logline: A writer struggling with his loss of creativity is advised by his literary agent to find his muse. WGAw reg: 1439177

There are two pivotal characters in this short story, Pete Matthews (The Writer) and the Clerk (The Muse). Pete is a writer struggling with his loss of creativity and hasn’t penned a word in three years. Pete is suffering from the all too familiar “writer’s block” and needs to find a cure.

Pete pays a visit to his literary agent “Bill Skinner” and after a brief meeting, Bill presses Pete to find his muse. Pete sets out to find his inspiration in the most common of places. After nightly visits to his local liquor mart, Pete is convinced that the Clerk is his muse. Will Pete find success from his new found inspiration or has his hope and desperation created a false sense of encouragement?

Update: It’s a WRAP! Filming is complete on A Musing short film.

A Musing short film Cast and Crew:

Director/Screenwriter David Spies
Producer/DP Phil Seneker
UPM Will Chase
Assoc Producer/1st AD Tania Jensen
1st AC Ross Hotchkiss
Production Design Jordin Mitchell
Audio Mix/Boom Joshua J. Svare
Gaffer Christopher Taylor
Hair/Makeup Melanie
Grip Timothy P. Reilly
Grip/PA/Catering/Craft Service Brendon Fogle
Script Supervisor Rhona Rubio
Stills Michael Clinard
Stills Tori Dickson
Production Assist Samantha Jensen
Production Assist Ethan Seneker
Behind Scenes Video Tom Gilbert


Pete Matthews                                       Andrew McMasters
Bill Skinner                                            Paul Eenhorn
Clerk                                                        Stuart Thomas
Art Gallery Woman                               Tonya M. Yorke
Scatz – Bartender                                  Mark Jacob Carr
Old Man                                                  Andy Tribolini
Constance                                               Stephanie Hilbert
Customer 1                                             Wonder Russell
Customer 2                                             Lisa Coronado
Jogger                                                      Katie Butler

A Musing Film

Recently Completed Short: “Sun City”
Sun City Arizona is a year-round playground for the senior community; it also serves as the perfect place to start over when you find that your spouse is cheating on you. Or is it? WGAw reg: 1429742

Film Festival – Script Completed Feb 2010

Title: Film Festival
By: David Spies

A group of teenagers hold a film festival in their small Midwestern town of Hoostick, WI. Fabricating an A-list Star on the festivals judge’s panel will ensure their crazy venture is a success. WGAw reg: 1412593

I’ve completed a Horror script based on a creature in American folklore. This is a feature-length screenplay that will appeal to a wide audience as well as the crowd that likes classics in the vein of American Werewolf in London.
WGAw reg: 1414978

Title: Sasquatch The Movie
By: David Spies

A group of college friends venture into the Oregon Mountains for a weekend camping trip. Rick is along for the ride and hoping to score with the ladies. Jamie, the college slut goes along on the trip in an attempt to get Dr. Anderson away from her college rival Lisa. Jamie’s roommate, “Amy”; tags along hoping her infatuation for Jack pays off. The group makes it to their remote mountain getaway and settles into camp. Jack’s Uncle, “Ranger Dan”, meets the group and serves up an interesting barbeque along with strange stories. They later discover that unexplainable events are happening around their campsite. With everyone on high alert, the Dr. readily provides the group with some needed medication to calm their nerves.

Unable to drive their truck out from their remote location and with nightfall approaching, the group is forced to spend another night in their camp. Their weekend getaway quickly turns violent and terror ensues as Sasquatch begins to prey on their group one-by-one. Will any of them make it out of the Mountains alive? WGAw Reg: 1414978

Potential ratings monster Pilot! “Foreign Exchange”

Title: Foreign Exchange
By: David Spies

During a sleep-over, Billy Tidwell and his friend stumble upon an ad for a foreign exchange student. The boys quickly decide that “Hanna” from Germany, will be the right fit for a family addition. Michael and Mary Tidwell soon discover Billy’s new friend is on her way to the United States and feel inclined to honor Billy’s decision. Grandpa Bob doesn’t like the idea of a stranger in the house, let alone, a foreigner! Tension develops as Grandpa Bob’s imagination runs wild! WGAw Reg: 1310261

Title: Hallows Eve
By: David Spies

Elise Walker and her family are unaware that their house was once the home of a girl that disappeared during their towns first Hallows Eve. As the town prepares for Halloween, their neighborhood will soon be haunted by a murderous presence. WGAw Reg: 1765035

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