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Screenwriting and Remembering Our Heroes

Memorial Day is a day to reflect and give thanks to all service members that have served and continue to serve our great nation. Most of us will never come close to knowing the sacrifices that are made by our military personnel and the people that love them. Continue reading

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Screenwriting The Organic Method

Creativity is not something that can be forced into a pre-set block of time, wedged somewhere between a 12 hour work day and walking the dog. It doesn’t matter what your situation is when it comes to a desire to write, unless you have creative inspiration, the time to write is irrelevant. Continue reading

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Screenwriting and Story Structure

If you’re new to screenwriting or thinking about getting started in the craft, learning the fundamentals of story structure are key to establishing a solid foundation. Understanding the basics will ensure you’re on the right path before you even begin to write. Stick to a three act formula – act I, II and III, otherwise known as setup, conflict and resolution. Continue reading

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Screenwriting and Groundhog Day

Déjà vu is a sensation which usually lasts only for moments but the magical emotional connection remains, lingering and irrefutable. The moment when an idea for a story comes to you is a similar experience, almost magical. The best ideas often seem to come out of nowhere… all of a sudden you’re inspired and motivated to write and not stop until your pen runs out of ink. Continue reading

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Screenwriting – The Beginning Middle and End

The opening to your story is the most important part of the whole journey. Before you even sit down and start writing, know your beginning, middle and end. Each scene should have a beginning, middle and end. Just as your story has setup, conflict, and resolution, a scene should have setup, conflict, and dilemma. This will keep the audience engaged with every scene and launch the audience into the next scene. Continue reading

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