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Screenwriting and the Hyphenate

In today’s competitive industry creatives must understand the importance of Hyphenate. A creative with the ability to be multifaceted, multitalented and cross-specialize in a multitude of creative outlets. Think of your current skill as a springboard with the option to … Continue reading

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Screenwriting and Indie Film Distribution

Indie filmmakers are finding themselves at the forefront of an online distribution revolution. Finding an audience for your independent film has never been easier. There are many platforms for digital distribution to choose from, it’s just a matter of dollars vs. views. What route makes the most sense to each filmmaker? Continue reading

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Filmmaking and Networking

Most people don’t make films but most people are interested in knowing how they are made. Whether at your next film festival or you happen to meet someone while shopping at your local market keep in mind the influence of networking. The next time you find yourself face-to-face with someone that’s interested in what you do, be sure to offer them the courtesy of your time. Continue reading

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