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Screenwriting and Perseverance

Film has always had a special place in my heart. During my childhood, I wanted to be in movies. I had this limitless amount of energy that I would use to perform in front of family members and friends. My … Continue reading

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Screenwriting and the Hyphenate

In today’s competitive industry creatives must understand the importance of Hyphenate. A creative with the ability to be multifaceted, multitalented and cross-specialize in a multitude of creative outlets. Think of your current skill as a springboard with the option to … Continue reading

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Screenwriting in 3D

Writing a screenplay in 3D consists of adding a third dimension, rather than focusing on length and width, you now need to consider more in-depth. 3D is just another way to tell a story with a lot more visual details. … Continue reading

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Screenwriting and the Budget-Conscious Script

When you’re writing your own script, one thing that must be considered is budget. You can have a fantastic original story, but if your script is not written with budget in mind, you’ll be putting your script in the category of a Studio option. Discover how other screenwriters approach ultra-low or micro-budgeted filmmaking as a means to realize their artistic ambitions. Continue reading

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Screenwriting and Story Structure

If you’re new to screenwriting or thinking about getting started in the craft, learning the fundamentals of story structure are key to establishing a solid foundation. Understanding the basics will ensure you’re on the right path before you even begin to write. Stick to a three act formula – act I, II and III, otherwise known as setup, conflict and resolution. Continue reading

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Screenwriting and Indie Film Distribution

Indie filmmakers are finding themselves at the forefront of an online distribution revolution. Finding an audience for your independent film has never been easier. There are many platforms for digital distribution to choose from, it’s just a matter of dollars vs. views. What route makes the most sense to each filmmaker? Continue reading

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2011 in review

Screenwriting in Seattle viewed over 11,000 times in 2011! Continue reading

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