Screenwriting The Organic Method

You have all of the tools you need to write. However, the time needed to write isn’t necessarily decided. Anyone can set aside blocks of time in their busy schedule to write but inspiration doesn’t work that way. Some say that having the discipline to schedule time to write will help your writing process. However, creativity is not something that can be forced into a pre-set block of time, wedged somewhere between a 12 hour work day and walking the dog.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is when it comes to a desire to write, unless you have creative inspiration, the time to write is irrelevant.  Most creative writers understand this. Writers block is not a mystery or something writers pass to each other while meeting for a drink to talk about their latest project. Writers block is simply a lack of inspiration.

Overlay a lack of inspiration with an already busy schedule and a writer will be dead in the water for a long time.  Many ideas can come and go, but if a writer does not have an intimate attachment to their work, inspiration will remain further and further away.  It’s only natural to push ourselves to find solutions that fill the gaps in our creative endeavors.  Sometimes, it’s best to just let our own thoughts run their course.

Inspiration is not something we can track down and give chase. It’s not a mystical force that will come looking for us. Inspiration just happens, most of the time by accident. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore. If you look at things differently you will have a new appreciation for the things around you. What you see, hear, and touch will begin to inspire you.

When was the last time you took a walk in a park? Find opportunities to plan outdoor activities. Working on a dramatic piece with outdoor scenes? Take a hike in an area that resembles your vision for those scenes. If you’re working on a romantic-comedy, head downtown and walk around the city streets. Wander around the shops and pick up on conversations that could spark any number of ideas. Life is unfolding all around us; we just need to reach out feel it. Find inspiration in other people, and more importantly find inspiration in yourself.

– Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. Just remember to bring along a notebook and pen.

– David Spies

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1 Response to Screenwriting The Organic Method

  1. Samantha says:

    Hi, I came across your blog while googling “screenwriting is organic”. Interesting because I’m a screenwriter myself, and I agree that inspiration and writing are buddies, and that indeed, it’s not a mystical force, lol. However, I realized that the more you write, the more you activate that creative part of your brain, and since the brain is a muscle, it becomes trained and then ideas come easily; it flows and then eureka, the story is like a finalized puzzle. Maybe that requires lots of time lol. And sometimes, you don’t have the whole story even if you have the inspiration. You could have the inspiration of a great scene and realize afterall that it’s not helping the plot to move forward. I always wondered how to “transfer the inspiration to structure?!” But, I love your idea of using the sensory system to connect with the world and find that inspiration. You’re right, it’s like the outside world being a storyteller itself. Great article, thanks for sharing it!

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