Writing out Charlie Sheen

First off, we all know that a character as well known as Charlie Harper would be a big role to fill. Two and a Half Men had a run of eight seasons. Definitely the biggest hit comedy on TV in the last decade. In order to fill his role and make it work the writers would have to come up with a storyline that would make sense to the current fans as well as new viewers.

One storyline that I came up with would have Charlie missing; Berta or Alan finding a note that was left by Charlie indicating he had traveled to Mexico. It would then be assumed that Charlie was incarcerated for drugs and would not be returning anytime soon. Fast forward – Charlie’s Lawyer holds a meeting to declare Charlie officially dead and to execute on his will.  

It wouldn’t make sense for Alan (Jon Cryer) to step into the role of “head of household” in Charlie’s beach-front Malibu home on his chiropractic salary. We all know that Alan isn’t the brightest of bulbs in the pack. Therefore a new-comer must fit the bill. Charlie knew this and indicated in his will that his estranged half brother would be his only choice as beneficiary of his home.

This main storyline would setup all kinds of layered storylines that would work well for the characters and continue delivering laughs to the viewers.

Evelyn Harper, Charlie and Alan’s mother would break her silence and divulge an affair she had that resulted in their half brother. Alan would be upset that he wasn’t made aware of his half brother and Charlie knew the entire time. Alan’s attitude quickly changes and he’s excited that he now has a half brother.

In order to execute a believable transition in the first episode, the half brother character would need to resemble Charlie Harper and take on mannerisms that initially reminded us (the viewers) of Charlie. Though, Charlie and Alan looked nothing alike it would be imperative for the introduction of a half brother to resemble Charlie in some way.

As for the rest of the cast of Two and a Half Men, they must stay in their role and continue without skipping a beat. The show must go on!

CBS should hold a national casting call to fill the role of Charlie’s half brother. Think of the media frenzy… this approach would keep Two and a Half Men on top of the ratings chart. Imagine “CharliesHalfBrother” on twitter and Facebook. Two and a Half Men CAN continue without Charlie Sheen but in order to work, Charlie Harper must die. The writers of Two and a Half Men just need to continue doing what they have been doing all along, writing some of the best material on TV.

– David Spies

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4 Responses to Writing out Charlie Sheen

  1. Sounds like it might be tough to pull off. I do enjoy the show Charlie is funny but I love the role Alan plays. As a career chiropractor I think the character is hilarious. I would agree that he is not the brightest light but I feel his character is vital to the shows survival.

    • David Spies says:

      Any character change on a leading sitcom would definitely be tough to pull off. Replacing a lead role and keeping a shows momentum seems like an impossible task but it can be done. Alan’s character on Two and a Half Men is a vital role and one that’s a counterbalance to Charlie’s antics. This dynamic must remain in order for the show to be successful. Jon Cryer plays the role of Alan so well you’d think he’s playing himself. He’s a perfect fit.

      • Christine Koehler says:

        I really don’t think this would be too difficult! Even if we can’t find a “Charlie” look alike, we can certainly find someone with his mannerisms. And the storyline, just have him dissappear into the moonlight. From behind and in the dark we can make anyone look like him. Just play around with a hundred scenario’s and make it fantastic!

  2. Christine Koehler says:

    Another storyline: How about this; Background = The silouette of Charlie and his fiance are on the deck of his home fighting. The woman walks into the house crying, walks out the front door with a slam. It is dark out and we only make out Charlie in the dark. (A Charlie look alike in the dark.) He hangs his head, then jumps over the railing. Sad music is playing as we see Charlie slowly make his way to the ocean, where he slowly walks into the water. He keeps walking until we no longer see him. It is all over the news that Charlie is missing and maybe drowned. A mass of mourners wander the beach looking for his body, along with all his old girlfriends and family. During this time, a weeping Charlies mother comes face to face with a man whom she recognizes. She looks into his eyes and recognizes him from somewhere. The first words he speaks to her is, “Hi Mom.” We don’t need much dialogue except things like the smartass Charlie-like son saying, “Remember that little guy you gave up?” Or something like that.

    How’s that! I could go on and on and on!
    Christine Koehler

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