Screenwriting and the Inspiration to Write

Most writers start with a concept… An idea for a great story we want to develop and share with the world. In order to share a great story, we first need to grasp it.

This is where inspiration comes in…

I don’t necessarily look for inspiration, it usually finds me when I least expect it; reading a book, reading an article online or a story that was shared by way of a tweet. For me; inspiration is best defined by the hero overcoming the worst kind of obstacles and through the perseverance of life, love, and happiness, reaches their goal. The kinds of stories that inspire me are the kind of stories that I want to write.

Here’s an example of an uplifting story that was published on and provided as a tweet from @MMonFilm

This brief story is of Geoffrey Fletcher’s struggle and determination to become a produced screenwriter.

Original tweet with link: “Rather than despair, Fletcher plugged away, writing by his count thousands of pages of unproduced screenplays”

Now; if you clicked on the link and read the story of Geoffrey Fletcher, you’ll have a sense of what I’m getting at. Inspiration is all around us. Anyone we may encounter in our day-to-day lives may be dedicating their lives to their dream. Geoffrey Fletcher had a dream and never stopped working for what he believed in; himself. He was rewarded with success.

Here’s an example of a produced screenwriter that continues to work very hard.

John August is an American screenwriter and film director that obviously has great determination and ambition. John attended the University of Iowa and the University of Southern California and has a degree in Journalism. By his account, he has ten feature film credits, though he’s written approximately fifty screenplays. This is an indicator to me that it’s definitely “not easy” to write a first screenplay or even ten screenplays and not secure an option for a single one. John knows the kind of hard work that is required to be successful and continues to write script after script knowing that a payday is not necessarily guaranteed.

Did you know…? John August was born in August.

Be sure to visit:

If you’re already a John August Fan, be sure to visit MakingOf and catch the interview with John August as he discusses his personal writing habits and process.

Frank Beddor
Another longtime inspiration of mine is Frank Beddor. In his early days defining his ambitions; Frank Beddor was a Freestyle skiing champion, stuntman, and actor. He’s established himself in the film industry as a screenwriter and producer. Frank Beddor is also the author of the New York Times bestseller “THE LOOKING GLASS WARS”. Adding “Author” to his list of titles and accomplishments; Frank Beddor’s latest book Mad with Wonder, is the second installment in his graphic novel companion series to The Looking Glass Wars trilogy. Frank Beddor is an example of an individual with an endless amount of imagination and determination to create and share with the world.

Frank Beddor and his team are currently meeting with directors and are in the early stages of casting for the “Looking Glass Wars”. Movie casting info can be found by visiting:

Geoffrey Fletcher, John August and Frank Beddor are just a few but rare examples of people that provide me with inspiration to keep writing. I know that I’m on the right path; however, it’s comforting to know that other people have ventured down a similar path and eventually found light at the end of the tunnel.

The more you believe in yourself and your abilities the more fortitude you will have to accomplish your dreams.

– David L. Spies

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