Got Treatment?

Got Treatment?

A Treatment is a condensed story of your screenplay –

It contains the basic ideas surrounding your production as well as the main characters, locations, and story arcs. Treatments should cover your entire storyline and describe the main action that takes place within your script. Your treatment should be attention-grabbing and definitely interesting to read. Most importantly, treatments are written in the present tense and should read like a short story. Treatments typically contain a few key scenes (script dialog that would be utilized in your script).

When structuring the outline on your treatment, you should list and describe only the most important elements of your story:

  • Main Conflict
  • Person, Place and things that would be the subjects of your story
  • Main action sequences that take place
  • Main Characters
  • The Climax (Confrontation between Protagonist and Antagonist) Hero & Villain.
  • Resolution of all conflict

You wrote a screenplay, but are you a story writer? Unless you have a very strong writing background NOT just spitting dialog out in final draft; you may need to consider hiring a professional writer to help you craft your treatment.

This is where a Script Doctor comes into play…

A Script Doctor is a creative expert that can provide professional script consultation that will help you fine tune your screenplay. They are typically screenwriters themselves and have many years experience in the entertainment industry. They can let you know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to writing a screenplay and or treatment. Many Script Doctors are working writers with strong ties to movie studios and are engaged with what’s currently in-demand in Hollywood.

Unless you bring a decent screenplay to a Script Doctor, the results you receive may not appear satisfying to you. A Script Doctor will not write an entire script based on your idea. That is NOT their intention or position. You must start with some Meat & Potatoes, and then the Gravy can be laid over them!

There is no “set-in-stone” way of writing a treatment –

A treatment can be as long as forty – sixty pages but typically no longer as five – ten. Usually the shorter you write the treatment the better. As long as you build in all the important details and information into your story, your treatment will serve as a very well crafted calling card for your screenplay.

Need a Script Doctor?

Script Doctor Eric:

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