So, You Want To Be In Pictures?

The last thing you want to happen….

You’re offered a principal role in a feature film and find out that you’re not eligible to advance in the roll because your membership with SAG is not in order! No Credits… No Cast! SAG tells production you’re not eligible!  You find this out the hard Hollywood way and it sucks! This could be an expected learning curve for many individuals looking to get their big start in the industry. 

So What Should You Do?

Get Training – Get an Agent – Get Booked: Three “G’s” to success!

Have you heard of The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists? (AFTRA) is a performer’s union that represents a wide variety of talent.

Seattle AFTRA:

If you book a principal role while in AFTRA, ACTRA, AEA, AGMA or AGVA (Not Background) and you are a member of an affiliated performers union for one consecutive year, then you become SAG eligible.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is an American labor union representing over 200,000 film and television principal performers and background performers worldwide.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

SAG Vouchers if you’re Non-union? Basically; Is There a Faster Way?

–          Intern at Central Casting

–          Date a Director

 You have better odds of winning the lottery than getting cast in a principal role in a feature film with no experience. Until you realize your break, you are better off seeking principal work while you perfect your skills in acting class.

If You Are Serious About Acting:

Tips to Get you Started

–          Join your local drama club. If you’re in school, join the theater there. Usually, every major city has multiple theaters.

–          Improve on your acting skills – join classes, seminars and attend local events. Gain as much skill and experience as possible.

–          Some say to read books on acting. Setup, Situations and Delivery… yada yada yada. Either you can ACT or you CANNOT. If you have to read books to get started, you may be looking down a long road as an extra.

–          If you are just starting out, don’t try to go for the big parts. Ask to be an “extra” or a stand-in.

–          Leverage the Internet. Job opportunities can be found on a multitude of social networking websites geared toward the entertainment industry.

QUOTE: Pray that success will not come any faster than you are able to endure it. ­– Elbert Hubbard

– David L. Spies

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