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Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve learned quite a lot since my introduction to the art of screenwriting and enjoy what I do. Therefore I’m always looking to improve and build upon my writing skills with my own continued education in the art. This blog was created to offer advice and share ideas with likeminded individuals in the screenwriting community.


Just because you think you have a great idea, doesn’t mean it’s going to sell! To me; writing is always a “work in progress”.


Inspiration and ideas are everywhere. Carry a pad of paper and pen with you. If you think you can remember every one of those special flashes or moments at the end of the day, you’re wrong!

RULE LEARNED NUMBER 3: don’t go it alone. Find someone or a group that will be your sounding board, muse, or just a second set of eyes. It takes a whole entire set of people to bring a film together. Writing is no different.

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Check out my YouTube Channel: NDFlix – Click here NDFlix was created with the intention of connecting writers together in the Seattle area. Our community is non-competitive (at least amongst ourselves), and seeks to create an environment where we all can continue to learn, develop, discuss, and ultimately succeed as screenwriters.

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– David L. Spies

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